Is Corporate Training Essential Before Landing in the Corporate World?

Bygone are the days when the education was not planned, career was not predefined. You could get into the jobs of a vivid profile and except some civic sense the corporate culture or the soft skills were neither visible nor could be seen so seriously in the interviews by the board.

With the advent of the corporate world in a big way the placements in the companies has become wide vision oriented i.e. your qualification and experience, if supported by your soft skills and the corporate appearance makes a cake walk for your selection in the companies, no matter your percentage in the examinations, if you are well behaved, nicely dressed up and respect the corporate cult, smart and vocal your selection is almost sure, with knowledge about the profile that you are going to handle after your selection.

Mere possession of degrees and high percentage is no longer going to support you as much as in the olden days.

It is with this feature in mind the Institute provides you with regular sessions of the Corporate Trainings that put you on track for being viewed by the selectors.

TM is one such Institute that trains you, besides your choice of professional courses, in the English Language in the first year, Personality Development in the IInd year and the Corporate Tracings in the third year, free of cost, that makes you a gentle man ready to face the placement opportunities in-campus or in pool- campus.

What is Corporate Culture? A positive company culture affords employees respect while expecting quality work every day. A positive environment often encourages collaboration. , emphasizes each employee's strengths to make the company more productive and efficient.

HEALTHY CORPORATE CULTURE improves the performance of a business in a number of areas.

  • Employee Retention. In a company that values workers for their contribution to the business, employees experience high morale and a positive attitude toward the organization
  • Reputation
  • Productivity
  • Quality

A positive workplace culture

  • Improves teamwork
  • Raises the morale
  • Increases productivity and efficiency
  • Enhances retention of the workforce
  • Job satisfaction
  • Collaboration
  • Work performance are all enhanced
  • Most importantly, a positive workplace environment reduces stress in employees

Companies with a strong, productive culture see many benefits including:

  • Improved Financial Performance
  • High Employee Morale
  • Motivated Employees
  • Great Customer Service
  • Engaged Employees
  • Strong Leadership
  • Responsiveness to Change
  • Responsibility

There are four types of organizational culture:

  • Clan
  • Adhocracy
  • Market
  • Hierarchy

The market oriented cultures are results oriented, with a focus on competition, achievement, and “getting the job done.”

Corporate culture refers to the shared values, attitudes, standards, and beliefs that characterize members of an organization and define its nature.

Corporate culture is rooted in an organization's goals, strategies, structure, and approaches to labor, customers, investors, and the greater community.

Culture is made up of the values, beliefs, underlying assumptions, attitudes, and behaviors shared by a group of people. Culture is the behavior that results when a group arrives at a set of—generally unspoken and unwritten—rules for how they will work together.

Among the most common words companies use to describe their culture (and their employees) are talented, driven, dedicated, innovative and ambitious.

Culture has five basic characteristics: It is learned, shared, based on symbols, integrated, and dynamic. All cultures share these basic features. Culture is learned. It is not biological; we do not inherit it.

A workplace culture is the shared values, belief systems, attitudes and the set of assumptions that people in a workplace share. ... A positive workplace culture improves teamwork, raises the morale, increases productivity and efficiency, and enhances retention of the workforce.

  • Begin with gratitude. I strongly believe that it is a privilege, not a right, to work together
  • Create a safe environment
  • Don't leave your dirty dishes in the sink
  • There are only opportunities in business, not problems
  • Consistency is key
  • Encourage positive thinking
  • Don't sacrifice the important for the urgent

In view of the above benefits and requirements of the Corporate World the trainings arranged by ITM throughout your stay are definitely essential before landing in the corporate world.

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