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Welcome to the Library at ITM Best College in Dehradun, Uttarakhand

At the heart of academic excellence lies a treasure trove of knowledge – our library. The ITM College is the Best college for Bachelor of Library Science in Dehradun. Here at ITM, the Library is a dynamic and vibrant hub where students, faculty, and researchers converge to explore a world of information. Our state-of-the-art facility is designed to cater to the diverse needs of our academic community, providing a conducive environment for learning, research, and intellectual growth.

Library Resources: Our extensive collection of resources spans a wide range of disciplines, ensuring that students and faculty have access to the latest and most relevant information. From textbooks and reference materials to e-books and online databases, we strive to provide a comprehensive repository that supports the academic endeavors of our users.

Services Offered: Reference Assistance: Our knowledgeable and friendly library staff is always ready to assist with any queries or research needs. Whether you're looking for a specific book or need guidance on how to use our digital resources, we are here to help.

Digital Access: The library offers access to a vast array of online databases, journals, and e-books. Students can conveniently access these resources from the comfort of their homes or within the library premises.


Quiet Study Areas: We understand the importance of a peaceful environment for focused study. The library provides dedicated quiet zones where students can immerse themselves in their academic pursuits.

Library Policies: To ensure a smooth and efficient library experience for all, we have established certain policies. These include guidelines on borrowing materials, the use of digital resources, and maintaining a conducive atmosphere for study. We encourage all library users to familiarize themselves with these policies for a harmonious coexistence.

Events and Workshops: Stay tuned for our regular events and workshops conducted in collaboration with academic departments. These sessions are designed to enhance research skills, promote information literacy, and keep our academic community updated on the latest trends in various fields.

Contact Us: Have a question or need assistance? Feel free to reach out to us. Our dedicated library staff is here to support your academic journey.

Discover, Learn, and Excel at ITM Best College in Dehradun Library – Your Gateway to Knowledge!

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