Why A Degrees in Library Science

A number of new courses started coming up, followed by the flood of new private and government professional Institutes, with a clear cut mandate for each Institute to provide professional education and built own libraries in the Institutes itself. As a result the numbers of vacancies for the posts of LIBRARIANS or LIBRARY AND INFORMATION OFFICERS have gone up . The origin of Library and Information Science education ,in India, can be traced back to the year 1911, when the Madras, BHU, Delhi and Calcutta Universities took the lead in awarding the degrees and Diplomas but in light of the hi-tech needs and highly digital systems-the century old traditional system of teaching for degrees and diplomas will not do justice with the system now in vogue.

It is, therefore, significant to undergo a regular degree course, in Library Sciences, at Graduate/ PG and doctorate levels, offered by recognized Universities and their affiliated Colleges , having a complete infrastructural digital ability, to impart qualified knowledge to hold, now a dignified post of Librarian, which has now been redesignated as, Library and Information Assistant, Library and Information Officer.

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