Skill Development : A Choice or A Mandate

The trends are changing fast, be it a technology, business, culture and or academics. The choice is changing; the movement is driven towards the latest. The old and older becoming obsolete or saturated everyday to look for the new change. And depending on the trends the students are bugged with the tension “what to choose that may give them a good career start”.

Traditional courses are no longer in demand and hence came the era of education in vocational courses followed by professional courses that gave a sufficient edge to the students over the traditional curses. Now the saturation of placement in professional courses is looking imminent and the students have to do something extra to be in line for placement and study something extra side by side. And what is this “extra “that can give edge to the students over and above the other professional competitors.

This is SKILL. The time has come when the professionally qualified student has to have extra skill relevant to his courses at UG levels and this skill can be in the area of Information Technology, Banking Finance Services and Insurance, Retail Marketing or Multimedia or there is a horde of the Skill Development short term and long term courses provided by various Skill Development Centers of the Ministry of Human Resource and Development under the PMKVY and Skill India.

ITM is one such center which also is a training partner of Skill India under NSDC program and offers many skill development programs for short term/ long-term duration, along with the regular professional courses in the following four sectors

  • BFSI
  • ITES
  • Retail Marketing
  • Multimedia

The students undergoing the skill development courses shall get certificates of the skill development in the area of their interest that will give them an edge over other competitors in getting placements in a public or a private sector or making their own startup companies.

The Skill Development is, therefore, in the present scenario a mandate, not an option, for those who want to make their career as a self made person.

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